South American Dota 2: Evil Geniuses Departure Speculation

South American Dota 2: Evil Geniuses Departure Speculation

Gamer, brace yourselves! South American Dota 2 is set to undergo significant changes in 2024. Everyone on the Evil Geniuses (EG) team informed that they are being fired by the evil guys. The following step is something that fans are eager to hear about. They performed poorly at The International 2023 (TI12), finishing somewhere from thirteenth to sixteenth. Following this, they are at a loss.

South American Dota 2: The Evildoers’ Expansion to South America

In 2022, why displayed such courage did the Evil Geniuses? They left North America and began trading in South America. The squad traded places with the Thunder Awaken squad in 2023 and became members of the South African Dota Pro Circuit (DPC).

South American Dota 2: Is a Dota 2 Team Coming in 2024, According to Guashi?

After EG’s performance at TI12, Guashi—who is responsible for social media in South America—said he was unaware of the team’s intentions toward Dota 2. She released a statement in which she claimed that all of Evil Geniuses were relocating in search of better possibilities. According to Guashi, EG has laid off a large number of employees, making it highly unlikely that the firm will be able to assemble a new Dota 2 squad.

In search of fresh gaming venues, people go.

Five members of Evil Geniuses who accompanied the team to Peru are currently seeking fresh challenges. On November 1, they were all spotted exiting EG’s Dota 2 Liquipedia, confirming their departure. The group included these individuals:

  • Savina and Christoph “Pakazs”
  • In the case of Jean Pierre Gonzales and Jerome “Chris Luck” Salazar
  • Some of Adrián “Wisper” Céspedes’s balls have done doubles.
  • “Matthew” Farith Puente, skipper
  • It is I, Javier “Panda” Padilla.

What will transpire is a mystery to me. Are they planning to collaborate in 2024?

It is still unclear whether the former EG players will remain a cohesive unit in 2024. This is a major question, and fans are eager to find the solution.

South American Dota 2: What You Can See From Tweets

A member of EA’s Evil Geniuses Dota 2 team has let go. This follows numerous more layoffs at the firm. Guashi enhanced the story by informing the Twitter user that the entire team fired after they made derogatory comments about some players.


The South African Dota 2 landscape has seen a significant shift with Evil Geniuses’ choice to disband its Dota 2 team. Fans are curious about the future of the organization and the fractured squad as the players plot their next trips. Be sure to check back for updates because video game fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter with SLOTBANGJAGO!