The Best Heroes to Take Down Fredrinn in Mobile Legends

The Best Heroes to Take Down Fredrinn in Mobile Legends

Meet Fredrinn: The Heartthrob Tank

Hey there, Mobile Legends fans! We need to talk about Fredrinn – the heartthrob of the game. From his sculpted muscles to that slick pompadour hair, he’s got the looks that make the ladies swoon. But don’t let that fool you! This tank hero can be a real nightmare if you happen to face him in the EXP lane.

The Challenge: 3 Heroes to the Rescue

Fredrinn is not one to mess with. He’s got a bunch of crowd control moves, and his passive makes him a tough nut to crack in team battles. His ultimate, Appraiser’s Wrath, dishes out massive damage to multiple foes. A skilled Fredrinn can also roam or jungle, making him a solid choice for teams wanting a sturdy frontline in team fights.

If the EXP lane feels like a danger zone with Fredrinn around, worry not! Here’s a list of three EXP players who can take on Fredrinn in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The Top 3 Fredrinn Counters


Fredrinn is one of the tankiest EXP laners out there, especially tough to beat during the laning phase with his strong defense. Enter X.Borg, your go-to guy for leading the laning phase. His Fire Missiles ability deals true damage, an excellent choice to chip away at Fredrinn’s health. Equip magic items like Glowing Wand and Ice Queen Wand to enhance your offense.

During the laning phase, grab Bloodlust Axe for sustainability. Later, build Immortality and Ice Queen Wand to dominate the klik88slot lane.


Thamuz is the contest champion, just like X.Borg, dealing significant damage through his passive, Grand Lord Lava. Thamuz can counter Rogue Appraiser by generating molten Scythes and using Chasm Tramples and basic combos.

When you sense Fredrinn’s wrath about to unleash, activate Thamuz’s ultimate, Cauterant Inferno, to boost HP and reduce physical damage. Prioritize items like Demon Hunter Sword and Corrosion Scythe when facing Fredrinn in the EXP lane.


Valir may not be an EXP heavyweight, but his skill set shines against Fredrinn. Use Burst Fireball during the laning phase to damage distant targets. When Rogue Appraiser goes for Brave Assault, Valir’s Searing Torrent can reposition him. Valir’s ultimate, Vengeance Flame, nullifies crowd control and proves useful against Energy Eruption or piercing strike.

Valir creates space, essential when dealing with Rogue Appraiser, during both the laning phase and the late game.

About Fredrinn: A Quick Overview

Fredrinn is a powerhouse hero in Mobile Legends, a mobile game loved by many. With exceptional agility and killer skills, he dominates the battlefield.

As a marksman, he’s a long-range damage dealer, making him a big threat to opponents. His ultimate, “Chaos Assault,” rains arrows on enemies, dealing massive damage and potentially wiping out multiple foes.

Combined with other skills like “Crossbow of Tang” and “Silent Death,” he boasts high burst damage and crowd control abilities. His “Feathered Air Strike” gives him great mobility, allowing him to reposition or escape during fights.

In a nutshell, Fredrinn is a deadly marksman with a mix of damage, crowd control, and mobility, making him a favorite pick for those looking to dominate the Mobile Legends battlefield.